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Chorus Guidelines

Doin’ It Justice Chorus is currently taking a break due to Covid19 guidelines.

The Chorus meets weekly on Monday evenings from 7-9:00 PM at the MONCA – Museum of Northern California Art, 900 Esplanade between E Sacramento & E Washington Aves.  Warren Haskell is the director.  All are welcome to drop by.  Call Nancy at 343-3946 for more information or email: for current rehearsal schedule.


“Doin’ It Justice, Voices for Peace” is a community chorus dedicated to promoting peace and justice, sharing our love of music, improving our singing ability, and inspiring others.

Repertoire and Performances

Our repertoire blends non-traditional music, including chants and rounds from various spiritual traditions and cultures, with traditional 4-part choral music.  Many of our members do not read music and learn aurally.  Audio files are available for individual practice.  We perform at various local events including Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations and at benefits for organizations such as the Shalom Free Medical Clinic and the Chico Peace and Justice Center Scholarship Concert.Contact Warren Haskell (530-899-0308) with requests for a performance by the Doin’ it Justice Chorus.
Member Guidelines
  • Doin’ it Justice as a chorus strives for singing excellence!
  • The Director offers vocal technique training during rehearsal and provides vocal technique tip sheets to aid you in practicing at home.  It is suggested that chorus members practice their singing at home, hopefully, at least 30 minutes a day, particularly preceding a performance.  If at all possible, it is especially beneficial to take private voice lessons at least for a few months to improve singing ability and to aid in your home practice sessions.
  • Practicing at home includes working on and memorizing your part in each song planned for a performance.  During the last few weeks leading up to a performance, the songs will be “off the page,” (i.e., memorized) so members need to come prepared for this.  Our performances are done without the use of sheet music of any kind.  There are audio files available on the website via the links for each vocal section.  Extra rehearsals are sometimes required before a performance.
  • Members agree to attend rehearsals regularly, making an effort to miss no more than one rehearsal per month.  It is requested that members arrive ready to begin rehearsal at 7 p.m.  Rehearsals conclude at 9:15 pm.
  • Though we acknowledge the benefits of socializing for group cohesiveness, members are asked to not chat during rehearsal and give their undivided attention to the Director.
  • Dues are on a sliding scale of $20-$30 per month (no matter how many rehearsals are attended) and should be paid during the first part of each month.  Scholarships are available for 10% of the Chorus by checking with the chair of the Membership Committee.
  • Typically, the Chorus wears black pants or skirts for the performances and black shoes.  For our performances, particular themes or colors may be designated for the upper body clothing.  Colorful stoles are provided for use during our performances.

New Members

All are welcome to attend any rehearsals during the months of June through January.  After participating with the chorus for three rehearsals, the director will hold a private vocal check.  The director will be looking for ability to maintain pitch and placement as a soprano, alto, tenor or bass.  On a subsequent rehearsal night, the prospective member will sing one selection for the director.  When learning the Chorus repertoire, this process is followed:  1. Listen carefully  2. Whisper-sing  3. Sing and blend with the section

You will be provided with music for use during rehearsals.  The music is not to leave the building unless a request is made to the Chorus librarian.  Copies of music can be provided on a song by song basis on paper or electronic version (via website).  When accepted into the Chorus, a file of all the DIJ music will be provided to allow for copying to create your own music binder.  You will be assigned a “buddy” who will answer any questions you might have, introduce you to others, ensure you have access to audio resources and help you feel comfortable and welcome.  The Director will make the decision on whether a singer is ready to join the chorus and perform at a performance or on any particular piece of music.